The Noise.

I used to play music
To fill the void in my mind but now
My mind is so busy and
The silence is a breath of fresh air

The banging and clanking
The talking and clicking
Take my heartbeat to a flutter and
My lungs are robbed of air by
The noise

The stream of thoughts that keep going and going
Are a release of the tangle of strings
That tie a knot around my wrists and
Clench my vocal chords together

Itโ€™s a blinding and deafening
Meaningless and meaningful
Abundance of emotions that drowns me and
Sets me free from
The noise

But the quiet is never really quiet and
Like cracks in the Earth
It seeps in and
Obtusely announces its presence

I am distant and bruised
Staring empty into the world as
I lose control of my mind and
Surrender my thoughts to
The noise



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